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5 Reasons Why E-Cigs Are Still Healthier Than Regular Cigarettes



E-Cigarettes were put on the market in 2006. Since then, there has been much debate as to the safety of e-cigarettes. There are enthusiastic debaters on both sides of the argument as to whether or not electronic cigarettes are safe.

There haven’t yet been enough studies to draw complete conclusions on the safety levels of e-cigarettes. But one thing does seem to be obvious: e-cigs are definitely much healthier than traditional cigarettes.

Here are 5 reasons why electronic cigarettes are healthier than regular cigarettes:

1. Fewer Chemicals

There are fewer chemicals in electronic cigarettes than are found in traditional cigarettes. In fact, there are significantly fewer. First off, electronic cigarettes don’t contain any tobacco. Tobacco use is responsible for over 5 million deaths per year. So getting rid of that extremely harmful tobacco is a great first step towards improved health!

On top of that, e-cigarettes also don’t include the tar and the over 4,000 carcinogens that are found in traditional cigarettes. So, e-cigarette users get the same experience as found with traditional cigarettes, but without all of the extra harmful chemicals.

2. No Second-Hand Smoke

You don’t have to worry about second-hand smoke when smoking electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes emit an odorless vapor that disappears in seconds. They don’t produce any secondhand smoke (or nasty odors), so they can be used indoors without fear of harming others. This makes electronic cigarettes not only a much healthier option for its users, but also for those around them.

3. Help with Quitting

One of the great health benefits of electronic cigarettes is that they have been able to help many people quit. Many people who have tried for years, and who have had numerous failed attempts at quitting smoking, are able to find more success using electronic cigarettes. That is because e-cigarettes are a very useful tool to help users wean themselves off of tobacco. So, electronic cigarettes are not just healthier options for users now. But, if someone is able to use e-cigarettes to help them quit their smoking habit, then they also bring them many health benefits moving forward in the future.

4. Healthier for the environment

Electronic cigarettes are safer for the environment than traditional cigarettes. As stated above, e-cigarettes don’t put off harmful secondhand smoke. So that is healthier for the user, the people around them, as well as for the environment. On top of that, electronic cigarettes are rechargeable and reusable. So there is less waste associated with e-cigarettes.

5. Healthier for the wallet

Electronic cigarettes are also “healthier” for your wallet. One page about e-cigarettes said that “By making the switch [to electronic cigarettes] you are instantly eliminating up to 50% of your yearly smoking expense.” Depending on which company you are using, one e-cigarette cartridge typically equals up to an entire pack of cigarettes.


While no one has been able to completely prove all of the aspects surrounding the safety of electronic cigarettes, one thing is for certain: e-cigs are still much healthier than regular cigarettes.