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Friend Or Foe: Modern Media’s Influence On Teenagers

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Friend Or Foe: Modern Media's Influence On Teenagers

In less than thirty minutes of media interaction you can find twice that number of negative influences on teens.  That’s plain scary and even more, it’s just plain wrong. Modern advertising is color-coordinated, at least as far as being ethnically represented.  This is also very true in the presentation of fashion for teens and pre-teens. …

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12 Myths About Yoga, Debunked

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12 Myths About Yoga, Debunked

Many fitness-minded people regard yoga with wary disdain, critiquing the health benefits or its “girliness” or the unfamiliar spirituality behind it. As with everything that gains popularity, yoga has attracted a certain stereotype that may be influencing the way you think about yoga – and even preventing you from participating in an activity you could…

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