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Six Natural Foods That Give You An Energy Boost

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Six Natural Foods That Give You An Energy Boost

Feeling tired and sluggish? What do you reach for? A venti double shot mocha latte? What about a candy bar? A soda pop? An energy shot? Many people depend on these sources of caffeine and sugar to provide them with “energy” that they need to simply get through their day. However, while a double shot…

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Coca-Cola Facing Huge Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged False Claims For Vitaminwater

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by: Ethan A. Huff (NaturalNews) For years, the Coca-Cola Company has been deceptively marketing its “vitaminwater” beverage brand as a healthy alternative to plain water and sugary soda beverages, making outlandish claims that the drink can help boost immunity and even help people fight eye disease. But now the beverage giant is facing a…

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