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Swimmer’s Ear: Avoid This Summertime Staple

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Swimmer’s Ear: Avoid This Summertime Staple

Swimming is fun. Swimmers ear? Not so much. The CDC estimates that 2.4 million visits are made to the doctor each year because of swimmers ear – also known as acute otitis externa (AOE). Prevention of AEO should be a priority if you’re a swimmer. Even if you’re not, there are a few things you…

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Hair Extensions

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The Do's And Don'ts Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an easy and simple way to get make a statement. The best extensions are those that have a bit of gloss or shine and some thickness, which resembles the look of natural hair. Some of the top actresses, musicians and models now wear extensions, but a few of those celebrities wear fake-looking…

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