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Student Finds ‘BRAIN’ In KFC Meal

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Wrinkly: A photo taken by Mr Langoo on his mobile phone of the brain like discovery. KFC experts later said they believed it was a chicken kidney and the company have offered the young man vouchers for more free food

By Damien Gayle originally from Kentucky Fried Brain? Student’s horror as he finds ‘wrinkled’ organ inside his chicken (but KFC experts insist it’s just a kidney) Ibrahim Langoo found the brain-like organ in a Gladiator box meal KFC experts later judged the piece of offal to be a chicken kidney Company spokesman claims there…

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Keeping Fit And Healthy For Less

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Keeping Fit And Healthy For Less

Many of us would like to shape up and adopt a healthier lifestyle, but it is not just a lack of willpower that is holding us back. A large proportion of people feel that the associated expense is preventing them from achieving their goals. However, there are ways to maintain a nutritious diet, create an…

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