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The Appeal In Botox For Doctors And Patients

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The Appeal In Botox For Doctors And Patients

For over three years Botox has topped other cosmetic procedures—both surgical and nonsurgical—in popularity, bringing in an estimated 2.95 million patients nationwide. And despite economic hardships, Americans are undergoing cosmetic procedures more than ever. Its popularity in the medical community remains steadfast in the face of the Affordable Health Care Act, which raises overhead costs…

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Assembling An RA ‘Wellness Team’

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Assembling An RA 'Wellness Team'

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, you might need to see a few different doctors to successfully treat all of your symptoms – and you may be wondering where to start. Do you see a dietitian? An orthopedist? A psysiatrist? Many people who have RA have found that assembling a “wellness team” that approaches RA…

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