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Study Suggest Eating Fish During Pregnancy Posses No Risk to Health of Baby

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In recent years, one of the biggest mysteries to have confronted health experts is the rise in Autism rates among children born in the U.S. According to the latest estimates by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, the number children born with autism has risen from one out of every 150 in 2002 to…

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You May Want To Look Down If You’re Struggling At The Gym

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You May Want To Look Down If You're Struggling At The Gym

Are you struggling to make any gains at the gym? You’ve looked over your nutrition plan several times over and have tried every fitness program possible. From Cross Fit to the 300 workout, nothing seems to be working. If you’ve crossed out everything else in your life, you may want to look inside your body.…

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Here’s An Easy Way To Get Motivated In The Morning

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Here's An Easy Way To Get Motivated In The Morning

No one likes to get up; you just do it because you have to. Have you ever wanted to start your day bright eyed and ready to go? There are great tips and triggers that can get you started on your day encouraged and motivated. Getting enthused in the morning does not involve meditating in…

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