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Parkinson’s Disease: Raising Awareness

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Parkinson's Disease: Raising Awareness

Read on for a look at Parkinson’s disease – a condition that many people across the country misunderstand.  You may already be familiar with Parkinson’s disease – some extremely high-profile people suffer from the condition, including Muhammad Ali, Michael J Fox and Bob Hoskins. However there is growing concern that even though Parkinson’s gets a…

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Chin Up, Darling! Forehead Surgery To The Rescue

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Chin Up, Darling! Forehead Surgery To The Rescue

Eyebrows contribute to face expression, but the first signs of aging often occurs in the forehead, changing its contour and revealing the first wrinkles that sometimes are the result not of time, but caused by dry skin or excessive gesticulation. Whatever the reason, when wrinkles occur, forehead surgery is a convenient procedure for obtaining a…

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