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5 Things Your Gym Doesn’t Want You To Know

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5 Things Your Gym Doesn't Want You To Know

When you walked into your gym for the first time, did you feel like you were in a bad remake of the Stepford Wives? The entire staff was smiling and nodding. They said all the right things, and before you knew it, you were handing over your credit card. Over time, those Stepford smiles started…

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I Need Braces…But Can I Afford Them?

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I Need Braces...But Can I Afford Them?

After a recent visit to the dentist, you were referred to the orthodontist. As a result of this appointment, you’ve discovered that you now need to have braces put on your teeth in order to get that beautiful smile. The price could vary from around $4,000 to $8,000, depending upon the type of braces you’re…

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