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Are Sports Supplements Just A Shortcut To Fitness?

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Are Sports Supplements Just A Shortcut To Fitness?

Sports supplements are becoming increasingly popular with people who want to get in shape. They are often used to assist their workout routine and healthy eating plan to help them speed up the whole process. Some people would call them a shortcut to fitness but is this strictly true? Read on to find out how…

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5 Things Your Gym Doesn’t Want You To Know

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5 Things Your Gym Doesn't Want You To Know

When you walked into your gym for the first time, did you feel like you were in a bad remake of the Stepford Wives? The entire staff was smiling and nodding. They said all the right things, and before you knew it, you were handing over your credit card. Over time, those Stepford smiles started…

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Make Your Boyfriend’s Friends Like You

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Make Your Boyfriend's Friends Like You

You may think you are a one man woman; in reality, you are involved with a lot more men than you think.  That’s right.  When you are dating a guy, you are in a relationship with all his best buddies too. Some men welcome their buddy’s girl with open arms, expressing genuine happiness.  Others are…

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