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17 Medicinal and Practical Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is the same thing as hydrogen dioxide. Its chemical formula is H2O2. Hydrogen peroxide is odourless and colourless. It is widely available and can be used for cleaning simple cuts and scrapes, and as an antiseptic. However, due to it amazing properties, hydrogen peroxide it’s used for so much other purposes. 17 Medicinal &… … Keep Reading

8 Natural Ways to Remove Nicotine from Your System

Tobacco is one of the deadliest killers in the United States, killing around 480,000 people every year. During smoking, nicotine is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and in a matter of seconds, this dangerous substance reaches the brain. Nicotine is a stimulant that can block nerve and muscle cells from proper functioning. The tobacco plant… … Keep Reading

11 Practical Uses and Benefits Of Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil is one of the most powerful of all the essential oils. It is extracted from fresh peel of the fruit. Lemon Essential Oil has a powerfully fresh traditional lemon fragrance that is quite energizing and uplifting. Limonene is the naturally occurring chemical constituent within Lemon Essential Oil that gives it its distinctive lemony aroma.… … Keep Reading

The Link Between GMO and Autoimmune Diseases

Genetically modifying the seeds of staple crops like corn and soybeans has been increasing the yields of many farm factories across the country. This is despite the agricultural industry’s challenges in keeping sustainable farmlands amidst rapid urbanization. While many are celebrating this feat in agricultural science, a lot of experts are extremely alarmed about the… … Keep Reading

DIY Home Remedies and Old Wives Cures Using Baking Soda

In a world awash with pharmaceutical drugs for everything from dandruff to toenail fungus, it’s refreshing to have do-it-yourself home remedies and trusted old wives cures to heal a wide range of ailments. Baking soda is a staple in most homes and is useful for cooking, cleaning and in many home remedies. Although it’s safe… … Keep Reading

11 Foods That Can Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer and also the deadliest. It is the second most common type of cancer among American women. It is believed that one in every eight women runs the risk of developing breast cancer during her lifetime. Breast cancer can be prevented as well as controlled by taking… … Keep Reading

11 Foods That Fight Stress and Reduce Anxiety

It is hard-pressed to find an adult today that isn’t under some level of stress. Food can be more than just nutrition- certain foods can act almost “medicinal” when consumed at the right times. Your diet plays a bit role in the way you feel, so it makes sense that a well-rounded diet can help… … Keep Reading

8 Natural Remedies For Swollen Feet and Ankles

Medically swollen ankles is edema, also referred to as peripheral edema. Swollen feet is a condition where the muscles in the feet have excessive fluid accumulation. The fluid leaks out from your blood vessels and accumulates in the surrounding tissues. Natural remedies or age-old home remedies work best and can help relieve not just the pain… … Keep Reading

Balance Your Blood Sugar With These 8 Tips

A steady metabolism is essential for maintaining better health. It helps your body fight off fatigue, improves heart health, leads to a better hormone balance, decreases the risk of kidney damage, and much more. Our bodies are designed to be self-balancing. Meaning our bodies will shiver when we are cold to raise our inner temperature,… … Keep Reading

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