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Know the Process: What to Expect from Your IVF Treatments

Today, one in every 100 babies born came into their parent’s lives with help from assistive treatments like in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Once a successful pregnancy brings a child into the world, the travails and challenges associated with getting IVF treatments can seem almost insignificant by comparison. Still, it’s a distinct experience that keeps many prospective… … Keep Reading

How to Live Out the Retirement of Your Dreams

At a certain point, we start dreaming about our retirement. This is typically well into our careers, when instead of feeling the rush we feel tired. We’ve achieved our goals and have settled into a routine that has helped us support our families. Dreaming about your retirement can help you make the transition a happy… … Keep Reading

5 Medical Advancements to Expect in the Future

Modern technologies and advanced research is making the impossible finally possible. The problems blighting people’s lives across the globe may one day become a thing of the past, or at least more manageable. Read about the five medical advancements to expect in the future. Pig-to-Human Organ Transplants Patients across the world depend on organ transplants… … Keep Reading

Common Triggers of Addiction to Look Out For

Substance abuse is a global pandemic and has been one for many years now. It is destroying communities, breaking families apart and causing people’s lives to spiral downhill. Drug abuse occurs for different reasons which vary from person to person. It is unclear at what point drug use transcends into an addiction, however, it happens… … Keep Reading

Treating and Preventing Pain in a Healthy Manner

Pain is a daily reality for many people who suffer from injuries  or neurological problems. Dealing with pain can be done in a variety of ways but not all of these ways are healthy when the pain is long term. The type of pain obviously determines the type of treatment recommended but most pains have… … Keep Reading

My Parent Is Forgetful. Does She Have Dementia?

Your elderly mother frequently repeats herself to you. Your father forgets to pay the electricity bill. They both forget that garbage goes out on Wednesdays because they have lost track of the days. Does any of this sound familiar? Could this be dementia? Or is it something less worrisome? These are questions and concerns that… … Keep Reading

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