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First Ever GMO Animal Approved by FDA for Human Consumption

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by ARIANA MARISOL The FDA has just recently approved the sale and consumption of GMO salmon, despite public outrage and insufficient testing. This is the first ever genetically modified animal to be allowed onto our dinner plates. This GMO salmon, otherwise known as “frankenfish”, poses many risks to consumers and an already threatened salmon population.…

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The Most Rewarding Nurse Practitioner Careers to Explore

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The demand for nurse practitioners continues to increase every year. Hospitals and medical institutions are recruiting more NPs to boost their ability to provide high-quality care for patients. Since nurse practitioners are qualified to treat medical conditions, write prescriptions and deliver treatments without direct supervision from a doctor, they can provide patients with the same…

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Increasing Depression In Teenagers

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Adolescence is a very crucial time in one’s life. This era of life is very important because a young person has to face bombardment of changes. These changes are of great significance. These are actually psychological, social and most importantly emotional changes. A person has to live accompanying these changes. The one who fails to…

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