Disgusting Ingredients You’re Eating Right Now

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#1 Pink Slime

This delicious looking stuff is in a lot of processed fast food meat like chicken nuggets and hamburgers.





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#2 Coal Tar

This product is listed among the “dangerous goods” identified by the UN. It’s also labelled “Allura Red AC” and used to dye certain candy, soda and other food products red.


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#3 Borax

You’ve most likely seen borax in some of your favorite household cleaners. It’s also used in caviar as a preservative. That’s one way to get clean from the inside out.


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#4 Phosphoric Acid

If you’re a fan of violent gangster movies, you’ll know phosphoric acid as the stuff they put in vats to dissolve bodies. Manufacturers also use it in soda. It’s what gives your favorite drink its acidity.


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#5 Sawdust

Yup, ground-up bits of wood. Manufacturers put it in shredded cheese to keep the shreds from sticking together. In the ingredients it’s listed as cellulose.


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#6 Calf Stomach

If you like cheese, you also like claf stomachs. When they are processed they’re called rennet and they’re used to help turn milk into cheese.


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#7 Sand

They call it silicon dioxide to keep you from getting grossed out. But it’s sand. And you can find it in fast food products like Wendy’s chili.

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#8 Duck Feathers and Human Hair

They’re cooked down into an amino acid and used in a lot of big-label bagged bread.


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#9 Sheep’s Oily Secretions

And it’s in your chewing gum. In the ingredients its listed as lanolin. It makes it softer and easier to chew. Mmm…


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#10 Fish Bladders

How much do you love a tall, cold glass of beer on a hot day? Well you should know that some beer contains something called “isinglass” which is really just fish bladders. They give some beer its golden yellow color.


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#11 Jell-o

Ever met a vegetarian who won’t eat Jell-o? It’s because it contains collagen made from the connective tissue that holds animal bones together.


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#12 Bones

Bone char is made from charred animal bones. It is used in white sugar to filter it and leach out an color impurities.


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#13 Beaver…Stuff

Anal gland secretions and urine to be exact. It’s called castoreum and you can check for it in the ingredients of certain brands of vanilla ice cream and certain raspberry-flavored foods.


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#14 Beetles

Look in the ingredients list on some of your favorite red-colored foods. If you find carmine in the list, you’ve been eating ground up red beetle shells. They’re used as a natural (if disgusting) red dye.


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#15 Titanium

Yes, the metal that they mine from the ground. It’s processed to form titanium dioxide and used to make white things whiter. You’re likely to find it in non-dairy creamers, icing and white salad dressing. And sometimes, it even contains lead.


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