Published On: Fri, Feb 8th, 2013

For a Proper Methadone Treatment Always Go To a Methadone Specialist

For a Proper Methadone Treatment Always Go To a Methadone SpecialistEver since its inception, methadone has always given rise to innumerable controversies. While some find it to be very effective, others are totally against the use of it. The chief reason for which methadone is not preferred by many is because it has a tendency to cause an addiction in the person. Methadone was and is still used by many to break free from heroin addiction. Strangely, many people while undergoing methadone treatment themselves develop methadone addiction. This however does not mean that people stop abstain from seeking methadone treatment. One should be aware of the fact that it is only when people do not follow the dosage in the prescribed manner that people start developing methadone addiction.

Methadone was originally developed in Germany for the purpose of curing chronic pain patients. Although banned in several countries, methadone is still used as an analgesic in many countries including the United States. Not that medical science is not aware of the potential dangers that methadone can cause in a patient, it still continues to be in use for if applied properly, the benefits of using methadone are plenty. Thus, it is not necessary that a person using methadone will get addicted to it.

If you or your dear is thinking of going for methadone treatment, make sure that you go to a proper methadone clinic. There are plenty of clinics that offer treatment to patients via this treatment mode. Since most of these clinics have their details registered on the Internet, it should not be problem for you to locate a proper drug rehab center that offers this particular type of treatment. Seeking treatment under inexperienced hands can prove to be dangerous. It has even resulted in the death of the patient. This mostly occurs due to the improper dosage of methadone. The substance is such that even the slightest over dosage can cause the death of the patient. It is important that the dosage is monitored by the doctor and taken as per the prescribed manner. Therefore, it is better not to take chances and instead go to an experienced methadone specialist who will guide you accurately.

It is essential for patients to remember that methadone must not be taken more than once a day. This will not only ensure that you undergo the right dosage, also make sure that you do not develop methadone addiction. Another vital thing that patients undergoing methadone treatment are advised by doctors is to give sufficient time gap between the two methadone doses. Someone who does not follow it and takes it frequently is likely to have methadone addiction. To avoid undesired situations like these, it is important that you go to a proper certifies clinic that treats patients under the guidance of experienced specialists.

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  1. A reply to the article at the top on methadone addiction. Readers don’t be fooled. While methadone has a synthetic makeup it is still addictive. In fact it is known to be more addictive and harder to detox than any other drug. That being said, the statement about only getting addicted if used improperly I.e. taking more than once a day, is incredibly inaccurate! If you take heroin once a day instead of two for six months you will still be just as addicted. Same with methadone, in fact even more so! Methadone clinics, although can be helpful to some, in my experience are legalized drug dealers. The programs are in place largely to cut back on crime wrather than serve the client. And watch out because the so called counselors are more like secret probation officers. So before you enroll in a program please exhaust all other options. I have been in a program addicted to methadone ( taking always as prescribed without relapse) for.three years for an opiate addiction that only lasted one year. Do the research and you will find MANY articles to support this.

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