Could This Be Proof of Reincarnation?


Is reincarnation what happens to us when we die? This fascinating video showed up in the mainstream media and so I thought it would be good to share. The story is about a little More...

Illuminating Houses For Even The Poorest Families, During The Day Without Electricity


In 2002, a Brazilian mechanic had a light-bulb moment and came up with a way of illuminating his house during the day without electricity – using nothing more than plastic More...

American Scientists Controversially Recreate Deadly Spanish Flu Virus


Written by STEVE CONNOR / The Independent The extinct influenza virus that caused the worst flu pandemic in history has been recreated from fragments of avian flu found in wild More...

Getting Your Disorder In Order

Getting Your Disorder In Order

Issues such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem, bullying, bereavement, anger management and relationship issues can stand in the way of personal and daily life. Many people More...

Using Meditation As A Depression Treatment

Men and women are confronted with various responsibilities and difficulties that they have to deal with as a way to move ahead. And even though everyone seems to be capable of More...

What’s So Special About A Bariatric Diet?

Bariatric Diet

No matter where you live, every couple years or so you go stand outside at midnight and look into the sky. All your neighbors More...

Glycemic Index Vs. Glycemic Load

Glycemic Index Vs. Glycemic Load

What is the difference? The glycemic load (GL) is a relatively new way to measure the impact of carbohydrate consumption More...

Personal-Trainer How Can You Judge The Skill Of Your Personal Trainer?

Hiring a really good personal trainer can help out a lot based on the goals you...

woman runner jogger running The Best Running Technology for the Geekiest Runners

Just 50 years ago, running — even if you were a world-class athlete — was remarkably...

Stretching For Nothing? New Studies Show You Could Ditch The Old Routine Stretching For Nothing? New Studies Show You Could Ditch The Old Routine

Growing up, stretching was probably ingrained into your head as one of the most important things...

Is Milk A Good Choice For Bodybuilders?

Is Milk A Good Choice For Bodybuilders?

Some bodybuilders will tell you that they end up gaining fat while others think that milk is too expensive. More...

Reasons to Take Creatine as a Supplement for Muscle Building

If you have ever heard about nutritional supplements, you are very much familiar with word “Creatine”. It is a chemical usually..

What are Steroid Cycles and Stacks?

You may have heard of steroids and are wishing to start using them to help you achieve the physique you’ve been..

The Top 10 Healthiest Seeds on Earth


They come in all different sizes, shapes and colours. The seed is an embryonic plant itself and the origin of More...

Seven Ways To Make Sure Your Child Gets Proper Nutrition

As soils are ravaged by pesticides and depleted of minerals, crops become less nutritious over time. According to the biotech industry,..

33 Foods That Starve Cancer

“The obvious thing is to think about what we could remove from our diet. But I took a completely opposite approach..

Benefits Of Using Botox Schaumburg Treatment

The truth is that there are not many cases in which people actually know what they are talking about when referring..
Yoga Retreats: A Journey To A Better You

Yoga Retreats: A Journey To A Better You

The practice of yoga is always associated with wellness and inner peace. Whether you teach yoga to make a living or..

You Can Learn to Live with Chronic Pain — Here’s How

Chronic pain — defined as pain that lasts for over six months — can have a number of causes ranging from..