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Nashville, TN, May 24, 2010 -- After flood waters recede, dangerous mold spores can begin to grow within 24 to 48 hours on a variety of household surfaces.  FEMA and local health officials are providing mold remediation information to the public following the severe storms and flooding in Tennessee.  Martin Grube/FEMA
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Spray This Oil And You Will Never See Mold Again

Today we’re presenting a simple method that will help you get rid of mold and the unpleasant odor from your washing machine. The main ingredient is tea tree oil, an essential oil from Australia which has been used in different ways by the Aborigines. They crushed the leaves of the plant and used them to… … Keep Reading

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MRIs: What Your Doctor May Not Warn You About

They are typically safer than other imaging technology, but there are dangers you need to know about. Action Alert! We’ve previously written about the massive amount of radiation that patients are exposed to in CAT and PET scans, which make MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) a generally safer diagnostic imaging procedure. MRIs produce a strong magnetic… … Keep Reading

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THIS is Why You Should Never Let Your Dog Lick You!

You might think it’s cute – that big, wet and slobbery tongue reaching out from your canine’s jaw and affectionately lapping at your face. But what if I told you there was something quite sinister about it? No, I’m not saying your beloved Fido is trying to harm you. Your little (or big) furry friend… … Keep Reading

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FDA Claims Frosted Flakes Are Healthier Than Avocados

The FDA is supposed to be a trusted organization, but many people who have even the remotest inkling of basic nutrition are scratching their heads over the agency’s official definition of “healthy.” You don’t need an advanced science degree to wonder how a highly processed cereal made in a factory could be considered healthier than… … Keep Reading

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9 Incredible Health Benefits of Cilantro

Cilantro has become popular recently and for a good reason. Also known as Coriander, this herb is truly beneficial for your body and aside from the pleasant aroma, it tastes great, too. It is mostly used in salsa or guacamole, but you will also find it in everyday cooking recipes. The best way to use… … Keep Reading

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Baking Soda and Castor Oil Can Treat More Than 20 Health Problems

Recently, the natural medicine is again becoming extremely popular, and the capacity of natural remedies to treat various health conditions cannot be denied. Multiple studies have confirmed that these recipes are even more effective than conventional medical treatments. One recipe of this kind is the mixture of baking soda and castor oil. Its ingredients are… … Keep Reading

MANADO, INDONESIA (June 1, 2012) Cmdr. Brice Nicholson performs cataract surgery on an Indonesian patient as Indonesian optometry residents observe in an operating room aboard the Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) during Pacific Partnership 2012. Now in its seventh year, Pacific Partnership is an annual U.S. Pacific Fleet humanitarian and civic assistance mission that brings together U.S. military personnel, host and partner nations, non-government organizations and international agencies to build stronger relationships and develop disaster response capabilities throughout the Asia-Pacific region.   (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Michael Feddersen/Released)
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Cataract Surgery Guide

Technology is the great source for medical professionals. It is because of technological advancements that professionals are helping and correcting individuals with grave sickness. For example, optical lasers are the great medical invention in this century. Laser technology is used for different surgical operations such as eye-relevant surgeries and cataract surgery.  Because of cataract surgery,… … Keep Reading

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Some of the Main Ashitaba Benefits

Many people are constantly looking for ways to live a better and healthier life. There are many things that a person can do to accomplish this goal. Eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise are two of the most common activities that people engage in to achieve optimum health. However, there are many other… … Keep Reading

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Dental Stats & Facts That Might Surprise You

You know how important it is to keep your teeth in great shape with regular cleanings. Dental health, in general, is an important component of overall health, and something you should never overlook (no matter how tempting it might be to put it on the back burner). Still, from time to time it might be… … Keep Reading

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A Quick Guide to Sustainable Agriculture

Farming is important for providing food for the plant’s population, but big agriculture and even some smaller farms use unhealthy methods that are bad for the environment and public health. However, as more people are beginning to realize the negative impact of traditional farming methods, companies and individuals alike are turning to sustainable agricultural practices,… … Keep Reading

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Get Rid of Bunions Naturally With This Simple But Powerful Remedy

Bunions are actually salt deposits. Their formation is triggered by influenza, tonsillitis, gout, poor metabolism, improper nutrition, rheumatic infection and wearing uncomfortable shoes. Bunions are a real “nightmare” – it is hard to find a fitting footwear, they are irritating, and give a quite unattractive appearance of the foot. Recipe: In the evening, pour 300ml… … Keep Reading

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Urgent Care vs. the Emergency Room: Deciding Where to Go

When someone is injured or becomes ill, our immediate reaction is usually to consider going to the emergency room. But is that really the best place to seek care? During emergencies, it’s easy to make mistakes thinking that you’re doing the right thing in the moment. Seeking medical assistance is often better than trying to… … Keep Reading

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The Natural Remedy That Will Purge Parasites From Your Body!

Parasites that can infect people are everywhere. They live on other living things including animals and humans to get food and survive. A variety of insects, worms and single-celled organisms cause parasitic infections, which number in the millions annually in the U.S. Sometimes humans can suffer severe life threatening infections when they have a parasitic… … Keep Reading

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Warning! Never Reheat These 7 Foods

When we have leftovers, we like to reheat and consume them for the second and third time, especially if it’s our favorite food. However, some foods are safe to consume after reheating, and others aren’t and can cause damage to our organism. It may be hard to believe that some healthy foods, when reheated, can… … Keep Reading

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Doctors: Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately

Doctors advise you to quit giving your children hot dogs! Hot dogs are the favorite food of millions of people, especially in America where they are all around us and are even sold at sporting events and festivals. Research has shown that that on the 4th of July alone every year, Americans consume more than 155… … Keep Reading

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Scientists Discover Taking an Anti-Inflammatory Probiotic Can Stop Cancer Cells in Their Tracks

New research conducted in the University of California, Los Angeles suggests that different types of gut bacteria may be able to inhibit the development of cancer. The research was published in the peer-reviewed article PLOS ONE. It provided evidence showing that certain strains of beneficial, anti-inflammatory gut bacteria can slow or even completely stop the development… … Keep Reading

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Everything You Need To Know About Golden Paste and How To Make It

Golden paste is a turmeric-based paste that taken orally provides health benefits to humans as well as animals (dogs and horses). Turmeric, known for is anti-inflammatory properties and used medicinally for over 4,000 years, is great for arthritis, skin health, immune system, and even cancer. Recent studies have confirmed that it may be as effective… … Keep Reading

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Monsanto Kicked Out Of Greece And Latvia: GM Bans Sweep Through Europe

First Scotland and Germany booted GMOs from their countries, citing fear of GMO crops contaminating their food supplies and concern over putting their food and beverage industries in jeopardy. Now, Greece and Latvia are telling Monsanto exactly what they can do with their genetically modified crops. The tide is turning. A tipping point just became evident through… … Keep Reading

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Complete List Of Cancer Fighting Foods

We all know that not all diseases can be cured, especially the deadly ones, such as cancer. But, fortunately, many of them can be controlled, and believe it or not, cancer is one of these diseases. These deadly diseases kill more than 7 million people every year. There are more than a hundred types of… … Keep Reading

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7 Scary Essential Oil Dangers Not Enough People Know About

by Sierra Bright Essential oils offer a wide range of benefits for your health, beauty, household cleaning and more – there’s a reason so many people use them. In fact, it may seem like every other friend on your Facebook feed has been touting their miracle abilities. But, beware, before you haphazardly slather on one… … Keep Reading

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This Exercise Is More Efficient Than 1000 Abs

The process of burning fat can be really difficult, especially the abdominal area. There are many diets and exercises that can help you to lose weight, but not all of them can have an effect. This article will show you quick and very easy way of how to achieve your goals when it comes to… … Keep Reading

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2-Second At-Home Tests to Determine Your pH Level

This post originally appeared on My Health Maven and was written by Elisha. She is deeply passionate about educating people and empowering them to lead healthier lives. I encourage you to check out her blog.  If you ask most people what their pH level is most likely they won’t know the answer to this question,… … Keep Reading

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Why Having Routine Teeth Cleanings is Important

Maintaining an excellent physical appearance is much more about cleanliness than what you wear. One of the key ingredients if having a great physical appearance is white and straight teeth. Many people understand the value of having their teeth cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. Some people are unaware just how important regular… … Keep Reading

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Frankincense Oil Kills Cancer Cells While Boosting The Immune System, Studies Show

Frankincense is a powerful medicinal oil that can not only boost the immune system but also kill cancer cells, a number of studies have shown. One of the most significant recent studies was conducted by researchers from the University of Leicester, England, in 2013. The researchers found that the naturally occurring frankincense compound acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid… … Keep Reading

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Whiten Your Teeth at Home in 10 Minutes. All Natural!

In our cosmetically driven world, white teeth and thick, shiny hair are priorities. Every year, Americans spend over 1.4 billion dollars for teeth whitening products. But the side effect is that teeth become very sensitive after whitening procedures. Good news is that there are natural alternative to get the desired effect. Here are some tips… … Keep Reading

Double Chin
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Eliminate Double Chin and Face Fat in 10 Days Guaranteed!

In most cases, the extra layer of fatty tissue under our chins is caused by being overweight. This can also occur as we age because our skin loses its elasticity. We cannot exclude the possibility that it can be genetic. There are surgical procedures that eliminate double chin, but because they are expensive, we will… … Keep Reading

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How to Make Natural Sleeping Pills That Work Better Than Expensive Big Pharma Prescriptions

This article is shared with permission from our friends at If you’ve ever experienced sleepless nights…you understand the extreme frustration that insomnia creates. The plague of sleeplessness has crossed time and cultures — and throughout it all, there have been several all-natural remedies created based on herbs known to help induce a restorative sleep. So in classic fashion,… … Keep Reading

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Planning a Healthy Diet for Menopausal Women

When women hear the word menopause, they feel a bit of fear growing at the back of their minds. Menopause, after all, brings about a drastic change in hormone production, and adjusting to these fluctuating hormone levels can bring about the following symptoms: Irregular periods Hot flashes Vaginal dryness Night sweats Thinning hair Dry skin… … Keep Reading

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Warning! Stop Using Non-Stick Cookware Immediately!

Almost 70% of the dishes contain a layer containing PFOA which means perfluorooctanoic acid (so -called non-stick pans), and other compounds which are also used to make garments resistant to spots. Many scientists and studies agreed that these non-stick pans are detrimental to your health. When the non-stick pans are heated, they release toxin in… … Keep Reading

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How To Stop A Heart Attack In A Minute

Heart problems are nothing to mess around with, and when they come on they can be sudden and dangerous. When a heart attack hits use this remedy to stop it in less than a minute. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S. In 2011, 787,00 died from a heart issues.… … Keep Reading

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Primary Causes Of Breast Cancer You Will Want To Know

All you need to become empowered to make cancer-preventive changes is knowledge. I suggest you not only learn this information for your own benefit, but also share it with other women in your life as well. Putting on antiperspirant is a routine part of most people’s day, and you may not think much about it.… … Keep Reading

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Vitamin B17 Is Banned Because It Cures Cancer!

The Food and Drug Administration, American Cancer Society, and American Medical Association have stopped people from writing books, engaging in public meetings, and shooting documentaries on the anticancer properties of vitamin B17. Physicians who tried to save the lives of their cancer patients through the application of theories based on vitamin B17, were prosecuted. But… … Keep Reading

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How I Fall Asleep In Under 1 Minute. Here is the Magic Trick

Dr. Andrew Weil may have the solution to the countless sleepless nights. If you have this problem, you should try this trick which will put you to sleep in seconds. Yoga and its breathing practices inspired Dr. Weil to produce “The 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise”. Dr. Weil describes that this exercise is very simple and can… … Keep Reading

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Simple Vitamin Stops Cancer Cell Growth?

by Jonathan Landsman – Vitamin k is a group name for a number of related compounds. Each one serves an essential purpose in the prevention of cancer. Vitamin K1 and K2 are the two natural forms of the vitamin – which can target cancer at multiple stages of development. Researchers have shown the distinct… … Keep Reading

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Marijuana Compound Removes Toxic Alzheimer’s Protein From The Brain

An active compound in marijuana called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has been found to promote the removal of toxic clumps of amyloid beta protein in the brain, which are thought to kickstart the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. The finding supports the results of previous studies that found evidence of the protective effects of cannabinoids, including THC, on… … Keep Reading

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Take This Vitamin to Repel Mosquitoes All Summer Long

By Angelique Johnson Ah… summer. Longer days, sunny skies, sandy beaches… and mosquitoes. Lots and lots of mosquitoes. For some, this isn’t too big of a deal, as mosquito repellent has been on the market since 1956. But, if you’re like me at all and you not only want to stop smelling like the burnt… … Keep Reading

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14 Things Your Eyes Can Tell You About Your Health

This article is shared with permission from our friends at Your eyes are a unique window into health. Yahoo Health has assembled a list of 14 things your eyes can tell you about your entire body. Here are some of them: Disappearing Eyebrows When the outer third of your eyebrow starts to disappear on its… … Keep Reading

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